Saturday, September 20, 2014

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they say the best things in life are free

is food free

is internet free

guess not



Anonymous said: Why isn't there a muslim outrage about the persecution of non Muslims in Africa & the Middle East? You're all a bunch of savages.


You’re totally right.

I don’t know why we didn’t get orders from the great Muslamic hive-mind on what to think today. I usually share my brainwaves with every Muslim on the planet, so that we can all act the same way and all have one position on any issue.

Maybe there are technical difficulties at Muslim HQ™? You know, where all the Muslim decisions come from, for all the Muslims in the world.

All I got was my regular programming, you know…world domination, hating freedom, shuurriyaah law.

I’m sorry, I truly can’t answer you without further Muslim HQ™ discretion. I’ll just go take my daily Hummus shower with my Falafel scented soap and hope things get sorted out during it.

But you’re right. We should be civilized like you and call 23% of the whole planet savages and treat them as a homogenous blob with no humanity.


Friday, September 19, 2014
  • white people: Either everyone should be allowed to use the word, or nobody should use it.
  • translation: If white people can't have the thing, nobody have the thing.






those moments when straight people assume you’re one of them and you feel like a gay secret agent


bi spy 

it’s an ace case

Secret gaygent.



We’re all born with scars. From the moment we open our eyes and look at the world we are wounded, and we all share that same mark.


if anyone wants me to explain what an ‘anticlimax’ is, i’ll show them this text post

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Both radical feminists and socialist feminists have come under strong attack from black women for essentially ignoring the situation of black women and concentrating all their analysis on the situation of white, middle class women and theorizing from it. For example, Joseph, points out the condition of black slave women who were never considered “feminine”. In the fields and plantations, in labour and in punishment they were treated equal to men. The black family could never stabilize under conditions of slavery and black men were hardly in a condition to dominate their women, slaves that they were. Also later on, black women have had to work for their living and many of them have been domestic servants in rich white houses. The harassment they faced there, the long hours of work make their experience very different from that of white women. Hence they are not in agreement with the concepts of family being the source of oppression (for blacks it was a source of resistance to racism), on dependence of women on men (black women can hardly be dependent on black men given the high rates of unemployment among them) and the reproduction role of women (they reproduced white labour and children through their domestic employment in white houses). Racism is an all pervasive situation for them and this brings them in alliance with black men rather than with white women. Then white women themselves have been involved in perpetuating racism, about which feminists should introspect she argues. Initially black women hardly participated in the feminist movement though in the 1980s slowly a black feminist movement has developed which is trying to combine the struggle against male domination with the struggle against racism and capitalism. “Philosophical Trends in the Feminist Movement” by Anuradha Ghandy (via lovecraftianfeminism)

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Thursday, September 18, 2014



SO. This is my friend Nur. She’s majoring in ASL interpreting and is incredibly passionate about what she does and she made this video of surah Fatihah and asked her friends to share it so people might be able to benefit from it.

Please watch and share!!

watch it people.

the deaf muslim community is always looked over…we need more interpreters at events and khutbahs.

support your local Global Deaf Muslim chapter


clothes for women that are sold in regular stores are more like costumes than real clothes… they’re more like representations of an idea than the thing itself, there’s a sense of unreality to them… and it’s more than the poor quality, though there is that too— dresses made of cheap synthetic material that doesn’t drape the way the shape suggests it is meant to, paper-thin t-shirts, seams that come apart… but the way every fucking thing is an illusion. to be seen on the stage first, and any functionality is incidental. sweatshirts intended to make you look warm but not to actually keep you warm. “military-inspired” boots with soles thin enough to feel the sidewalk through. tops that look layered but aren’t. the famous fake pockets, and then the cargo pants with multiple pockets but with only a few that are actually useful. it’s bizarre and it makes every shopping trip a mildly surreal and uncomfortable experience


It’s not you, it’s your 200 second snapchat story.